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The light voices that passes me by

The light voices that passes me by


The fascinating memories of a place that you hold dear to you heart and reminisce on a random gloomy day. Even though details are not vivid, the feelings and the connection that evoke the fondness is recorded in a myriad of colours and markings, depicting how lively and engaging it was at that point in time.
One of kind art , large canvas painting 

Inspired by a landscape in Surrey hills where the artist resides and take frequent walks in the forest.
A record of landscapes transition from the murky winter colours and stillness the ambience to the growing lushness of spring. the unfreezing waters and the prigs of colour that still stays true while the sunsets. 
The aritst conveys a narrative other wise what may seem as a still landscape to any one else.
One of a kind painting extra large painting on gallery wrapped canvas. expressionism, large painting, landscape, abstract painting, colourful, contemporary.

Fine Art, Abstract Art, Large Wall Art, Large Painting

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