Shades of blue

Shades of blue


" I walk past by you
when ever i'm blue,
That tiny moment in memory,
You came to me in dazzling blue waves,
gave reason to all the dull blue moments in life"
Tis painting is inspired by a poem i wrote at the beach in Ceylon. painted with a the memory of beautiful colourful beach wit dazzling tones of blues a nd vivd depths of the sea. Pop of colour for any interior bring out positive vibes and positive feelings to spaces.
Signed in Sinhala ( Sri lankan Language) All my work paintings that are moments of meaningful understanding and memories. No two art work of mine is alike as i believe even when revisiting a memory of a place the emotions still vary there fore it would produce yet another different piece of work of the same place or memory rather than a copy.Each piece is one of a kind for the buyer receive a unique piece just for themselves. 
 Mix media large abstract for living space, office or hotel interior add luxury touch.