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A deconstructed and collaged Traditional Sri lankan Devil mask mounted on two timber panels fo 30cmx 30cm collage work and the traditional mask covered in collage mounted on one of the panels. They can be hung side by side or framed together.This work is a part of a new series the artist worked on during the pandemic. The narrative explores the art series in terms of symbolism. The series - The Raksha masks in Sri Lanka came in to use in pre historic eras in the times of pandemics as means of warding off sicknesses through ritualistic perfomances of dance and music. This rituals has had an immense effect on the influence on the art and architectural of Sri Lanka ( Ceylon) through the decades till date.In this particular piece the artist explores use of the decorative aspect of Raksha design and detail on local buildings, at the entrances to ward off evil and sickness. the by gone days of superstition and today as a symbol of tradition art decor.


Sculpture art.

collage on wooden board and wodden sculpture.

30cmx 30cm


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