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Pink Teahouse

Pink Teahouse

£1,200.00 Regular Price
£900.00Sale Price

Inspired by peranakan( a fusion of chinese and malay architecture during colonial times. architecture in SIngapore. Perankan architectural buildings are still widely used in Singapore for shops and other commercial business. this is the artist interpretation of some architectural details along with a some conceptual detail of her own reimagining the building as a place that serves tea. 

Aasiri work is a fantastic addition to any collector who is looking for colourful yet fine art paintings with deep meaning.As her work are all one of a kind unique pieces each art work sold by the artist will be the truly original art work giving more added value to any collection. 

Each work is personal taking inspiration from her on own culture or places she has visited and connected with, integrating these places with the imaginary she creates familiar unfamiliar compositions for the the viewer.

canvas painting, colourful canvas, kunst, living room art, office art, apartment art, pink, black, red, singapore, one of a kind, unique, surreal, fantasy, pretty

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