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Makara Thorana ( Dragons Arch)

Makara Thorana ( Dragons Arch)


Among the numerous motifs that adorn the crafts of Sri Lanka, the mythical figure of makara stands out as one of the most fascinating configurations.While canturies back this motif with a few design variations, adorn the the gateways of temples and palaces of Sri Lanka it is hardly used as a decorative symbol in the contemporary art scence.
This particular work is inspired by this mythical figure of makara( Dragon)adorning such a gateway, giving glimpse of the the architectural layouts that lay within the guarded gateway. Signed in Sinhala ( Sri lankan Language) All my work paintings that are moments of meaningful understanding. memorises. Each piece is one of a kind for the buyer receive a unique piece just for themselves. 
Original Dragon intrepretation.
 The Elephants tusk- represents Dexterity
     Paws of a Lion- strength
     Ears of a Boar- acute hearing
    Body of a Fish- movement 
    Teeth and Jaws of a crocodile – Demand for respect
    Eyes of a monkey- Vision

100cm x 100cm

acrylic on canvas

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