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In between

In between

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Inspired by the the buddhist temples frequently seen in Sri Lanka. Unlike many other cultures that has buddhist temples, the Sri lankan Temples are know to be simplistic in nature pertaining the preaching of buddha. White tapered structured termed as ' dhagab" is frequently seen in landscape scenery in Ceylon. Though simplistic in form and design with no decoration, these are erected is large scale and positioned in high grounds, at times to to be seen from miles as means of giving prominence and location.

In this particular work the artist has played with fact that generally two dhagabs of the same size is never seen next to each-other let alone in the same vicinity. The two dhagabs here reflects the the "dhagab" and the follower as a mirror Dhagab in terms of shape n size how ever the different detailing depicts how this philosophies is interpreted and cultured through personal and traditional influences.

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