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Imagination is so vivid

Imagination is so vivid

£2,000.00 Regular Price
£1,500.00Sale Price

" All the memories within me
I gather the ones that is linked to this time.' Film on 

Inspired by a landscape in Surrey hills where the artist resides and take frequent walks in the forest.
A record of landscapes transition from the murky winter colours and stillness the ambience to the growing lushness of spring. the unfreezing waters and the prigs of colour that still stays true while the sunsets. 

Kindly note that all painting edges will be  Painted in black at point of sale and ready to hang.
The aritst conveys a narrative other wise what may seem as a still landscape to any one else.
One of a kind painting extra large painting on gallery wrapped canvas. expressionism, large painting, landscape, abstract painting, colourful, contemporary.


150cm x 100cm 


 Signed in Sinhala ( Sri lankan Language) All my work paintings that are moments of meaningful understanding. memorises. Each piece is one of a kind for the buyer receive a unique piece just for themselves.

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