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Flowers on my head

Flowers on my head


Size - 102cmx 82 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Painted on gallery wrapped canvas, edges paintd and ready to hang.

Inspired by the the buddhist temples frequently seen in Sri Lanka. Unlike many other cultures that has buddhist temples, the Sri lankan Temples are know to be simplistic in nature pertaining the preaching of buddha. White tapered structured termed as ' dhagab" is frequently seen in landscape scenery in Ceylon. Though simplistic in form and design with no decoration, these are erected is large scale and positioned in high grounds, at times to to be seen from miles as means of giving prominence and location.
Aasiri's approach to painting has been influenced by her asian heritage from Sri lankan and other asian countries she has lived in. The different types of art and architecture in each asian country that at times create connections between countries and also at times sets apart is reflected in her artwork. She enjoys creating an interplay between recognizable and abstract forms.

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